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Craiova is the 6th largest city in Romania, with a population of about 300,000.

Craiova, one of the largest and most important cities in south-western Romania, is situated on the left bank of the Jiu river, in the centre of the Oltenia region, 227 km away from  Bucharest and 68 km from the Danube. As capital of the historical province of Oltenia,  Craiova is time-honoured, commercial and cultural centre. It is a longstanding political centre, and is located at fairly equal distances  from the Southern Carpathians (to the north) and the Danube (to the south). Craiova is the main commercial city west of Bucharest and the most important city of Oltenia.

Romania has a temperate climate, very similar to the rest of the countries situated in the continental zone.
Situated in the southern part of Romania, Craiova has a very pleasant, sub-Mediterranean climate. Winters are sometimes cold (-10 °C to +5 °C); in wintertime you can rent skates and enjoy the icerink in the city centre. In spring and autumn the warm and sunny weather is ideal for outdoor activities. Summers tend to be quite hot (25 °C to 35 °C), but you can have a good time as there are plenty of swimming pools and outdoor bars serving cold drinks and ice-cream.

The landscape of Craiova is represented by flat plains and the maximum altitude is somewhere around 116
metres. Hills are to bin the northern part and the Danube Valley in the southern area.

Sports and entertainment
Craiova allows for a wide range of leisure activities as you can discover during your stay here. Generally, the
inhabitants enjoy both their work time and their free time: the parks, the entertainment areas, the outdoor bars and restaurants and the old city centre are crowded with people of all ages making the city alive.

The most popular activities are:

  • fitness, aerobics, body building – in centres across the city, with state-of-the-art facilities;
  • sports grounds – you can play tennis, football, basketball outdoors and indoors alike – at night the sports grounds are illuminated;
  • jogging, roller-skating, biking or simply walking in the city parks or in the walking area in the centre of the town ;
  • swimming in different swimming pools across the city during summertime and skating on the skating rink in the city main square in wintertime ;

Statues, Architectural Monuments and Museums
The city of Craiova harmoniously combines the new and the ancient, history, culture, industry, economy and agriculture, and has become a representative landmark, especially in the last 20 years following the revolution of 1989, when the process of modernisation started bringing about changes in all domains of society.

City highlightsCraiova1
An important touristic attraction of our city is the Musical Fountain located in the centre of Craiova. Our city also takes pride in its rich historical heritage that includes a number of statues representing important personalities whose heroic deeds marked the history of Craiova and of the country: the statues of Michael the Brave, Prince of Wallachia, A.I. Cuza, King Carol I, Prince Barbu Ştirbei; architectural monuments such as: The Administrative Palace, The City Hall of Craiova, The County Library, “Marin Sorescu” National Theatre, The University, the County Justice Court, The Vorvoreanu Palace or museums: The Art Museum and Museum of Oltenia and
churches: The Madonna Dudu Church, St. Dumitru Cathedral etc.

Mihai Viteazul Square & The Musical Fountain
An entire ensemble of fountains, lined with garden beds and ornamental plants, the restored small park and the relocation of the statue of Mihai Viteazu to a monumental ensemble are just a few examples. The
musical fountain stands out though, being a unique piece of architecture in the country, attracting about 2,000 visitors from Craiova and neighbouring towns every night.

More informations about Craiova


Travel by plane

The easiest way of reaching Romania from most European countries is by plane. There are flights from all over the world to Bucharest, the capital of Romania. To reach Craiova you can take an intercity train.
The international airports in Romania are:plane

The “Henri Coandă” International Airport is the biggest and most important airport in Romania, so if your flight lands in Otopeni, it is advisable to take an airport bus or train to Bucharest (the trip can last from 30 minutes up to 1 hour, depending on the means of transportation chosen), then take an intercity train from Bucharest “Gara de Nord” station to Craiova. For further details and reservations, please visit www.cfrcalatori.ro.
The other possibility is to fly to the International Airport of Craiova, which provides direct flights to many cities across Europe. For further details please visit www.aeroportcraiova.ro or www.carpatair.com.

Travel by traintrain

Craiova is a major railway centre, connected to all the other major Romanian cities. The city is located on the main railway crossing Romania from East to West and linking Timisoara to Bucharest. You can easily reach Craiova by train from Paris, Munich, Budapest, Thessaloniki, etc. The railway station is located in the northern
area of the city, from where you can take a bus or a taxi to the University. Students enjoy reduced train fares if they are in possession of a valid student ID card (issued by the faculty that accepts the Erasmus mobility, after concluding all of the enrolment formalities).

Travel by carcar

Craiova is situated at the junction of the E70, E79 and E574 European routes. The customs offices are located in Bechet, Calafat, Giurgiu and Turnu Magurele at the Bulgarian border, in Drobeta Turnu-Severin and Jimbolia at the Serbian border, and in Nadlac, Bors and Cenad at the Hungarian border. Foreigners driving a car to Romania are required to hold a valid international driving licence. Car registration and insurance papers are also compulsory. Driving is on the right-hand side and seat belts are compulsory. The speed limit within residential areas is 50 km/h, 90 km/h on national routes, 130 km/h on motorways.



University of Craiova offers around 31 000 accommodation places in its 11 student hostels.
The student hostels no 1, 2 and 3 are placed in the Faculty of Agronomy Campus, where the students can also have access to the Student Canteen no 1. The student hostels no 6, 7, 8 and 14 can be found within the Faculty of Mechanics and the Faculty of Law Campus, where there is also a student canteen.


The student hostels no 11, 12 and 13 are located within the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Campus.
The student hostel no 10 is situated outside the University Campus, but still very close to the tram station.
All the student hostels offer study rooms and all the rooms have a TV and Internet connection. Moreover, the student hostels no 3, 6,7,12 and 14 have a laundry room with washing machines and a fully equipped kitchen, on each floor.
During the current university year, our faculty has 422 occupied places in students hostels, spread as follows:

  • 19 places in the student hostel no 2;
  • 74 places in the student hostel no 7;
  • 181 places in the student hostel no 8;
  • 100 places in the student hostel no 11;
  • 48 places in the student hostel no 13.

 The accommodation tariffs established for the current university year are:



Students are also provided with three canteens situated in the campus of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, in the central building of the University and at the Faculty of Agriculture, where they can eat at discounted prices.

Sports Halls

The sports halls of the University of Craiova are located at the following addresses:

  • The Sports Complex of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports (fitness centre, gymnastics hall)
  • “Ion Oblemenco” Stadium (the table tennis hall, the in-door handball/ football hall)
  • The Faculty of Law (the multifunctional sports hall, the sports ground).

All these facilities offer free access, on an organised basis

Documente utile referitoare la activitatea de cercetare

... to be updated

structura anului universitar 2022 2023

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Pentru prelegerea cu caracter didactic aferentă concursului de ocupare a postului poziția 29 Lector, din statul de funcții al Departamentului Finanţe, Bănci și Analiză Economică, Facultatea de Economie și Administrarea Afacerilor, ce are prevăzut în structură disciplinele:

  • Analiză economico-financiară
  • Gestiunea fluxurilor financiare și a riscurilor
  • Analiză economică
  • Analiza performanțelor economico-financiare
  • Analiza fluxurilor financiare

comisia de concurs a stabilit următoarea temă: Analiza rezultatului din exploatare.

Prelegerea se va susține în data de 04.07.2019, ora 10.00, sala 268A, Universitatea din Craiova, str. A.I. Cuza nr.13.

Comisia de concurs,


Președinte comisie:                 Conf. dr. Daniel Cîrciumaru

Membri:                                  Prof. dr. Marian Siminică

Prof. dr. Mirela Cristea

Conf. dr. Dalia Simion

Lect. dr. Mirela Sichigea

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