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Created On Thursday, 25 April 2013 11:52 By Băloi Ionuț Cosmin

Lecturer Băloi Ionuț Cosmin, PhD.
Management - Marketing şi Administrarea Afacerilor

1Baloi Cosmin

* cosmin[.]baloi[at]feaa[.]ucv[.]ro  /  baloimg[at]gmail[.]com

Institution/Faculty Cicle Specialization Period Title awarded
 Craiova University / Economics and Business Administration Bachelor Management   2003-2007 Bachelor of Science in Economy 
 Craiova University / Social Sciences Bachelor Geography and French Language and Litterature  2003-2007  Bachelor of Science
  Craiova University / Economics and Business Administration Master Business Administration 2007-2009   Master of Business Administration
 Craiova University / Economics and Business Administration
 PhD Strategic Management   2008-2011  Ph.D.
Institution Period Academic degree obtained/ qualifications acquired Activities performed
 University of Craiova  2007-2008 Junior Assistant (locum tenens)  Teacing seminars on subject: Management
 2008-2012 Junior Assistant  Teacing seminars on: Management, Strategic Management, Enterprises Economy, Strategic Analysis of competitive environment, Tourism Operations Management



        2014     ->

 Teaching Assistant




 Teacing courses and seminars on: Tourism operations management, Management, Enterprises Economy, Management of work teams and workplaces, Management of tourist enterprise.   Teacing seminars on: Firm's Strategy, Decision Making Simulations, Strategic Management, Marketing Simulations

Teacing courses and seminars on: Management, Enterprises Economy, Strategic Management, Tourism Operations Management, Leadership and Diversity, Managing process improvements, Business Risk Management

Teacing seminars on subject: Firm's Strategy


  • Lean manufacturing trainer (at Ford Motors Company) - FiaTest Bucharest, collaboration contract, 2012

Acknowledged by CNCSIS

  1. Management. Funcții, structuri, procese (co-author), Universitaria, 2008
  2. Economia întreprinderii: teste, aplicații, studii de caz (co-author), Universitaria, 2008


♣ 2 research grants (project manager for an andvanced research grant);

♣ expert in some projects on entrepreneurship education;

♣ coordinator of a climate and environmental change awareness project (funded by the Francophone University Agency).

- Member of the Council of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Craiova University

- Visiting professor: Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon, France, February-March 2017 (l'UFR SJEPG).

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