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Servicii oferite Studenti Străini

Services offered to foreign students

Within the University, The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration has a tradition of over 40 years in training specialists in the field of economics, permanently harmonizing its educational offer with the requirements of European higher education, after 1990 and in an accelerated rhythm after 2005. The mission of the Faculty is to provide training for economists who are able to cope with the requirements of the new economy as well as to contribute to their spiritual well-being.

Teaching staff comprises well trained and well experienced academics, well known in their fields of activity. The Faculty has developed numerous partnerships with universities from abroad, thus facilitating mobility of human resources and transfer of knowledge. The Faculty is also well connected with the business environment in order to transfer and disseminate research outputs and incorporate the practical results of applications and tests from successful enterprises into the teaching and research activities.

Romania’s accession to the European Union is the starting point for significant growth trends in the Romanian economy, which generates the need for well-trained specialists able to manage organizations and institutions
undergoing processes of transformation and development. Proper learning requires motivation, endowment and practice. Motivation for studying and choosing one’s profession accompany the intellectual and affective development of young people. They might change or get corrected depending on how young people get to know their interests and develop their skills. Nevertheless talent can be affirmed only while being exercised – as the Greek philosopher Protagoras mentioned: “art is nothing without study and study is nothing without art”.

Studying requires of course hard work. In this respect the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration offers you a clearly defined, well organized environment, where seriosity and professionalism are key characteristics for teaching staff and students.

The reform of Romanian higher education has required a new structure of university study programs: Bachelor’s programs – 3 years, Master’s programs – 2 years and Doctoral studies – 3 years. Specializations for Bachelor’s programs offer a level of competences corresponding to the basic needs for integration in the labor market through adequate general and specialized knowledge. Bachelor’s programs provide a wide spectrum of knowledge according to their field of study.

Bachelor’s graduates can exert their profession in line with the acquired competences and the rights ensured by the awarded diploma or can continue their studies with a Master’s program.

Master’s programs become an essential stage in academic training, opening the way towards high-level specialization. Master’s programs offered by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration offer their students a set of solid knowledge, analytic and creative skills, support for getting promoted in their careers, personal development and the way forward to achieve their personal and organizational goals.

They can provide either specialization in the field of Bachelor’s studies or complementary competences when they are developed in different fields than the Bachelor’s programs.

A Master’s program graduate will receive social recognition according to his/her goals and values. Holding a Master’s diploma will help in complex situations, will support critical analyses and pro-active behaviour on various
decision-making issues in order to reach optimal solutions.



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