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Prelungire termen - 24.11.2015 - ora 12.00

Ford Romania si FEAA Craiova organizează competiția de proiecte pentru obținerea unei  burse pentru studenții de la studiile universitare de licența – anii I, II, III.

Proiectele din cadrul competiției  se vor derula pe doua domenii:

-         -  resurse umane – in cadrul departamentului HR Ford Romania – manager Marina Babara (o bursa),

-          - logistica si aprovizionare – in cadrul departamentului MPL - Ford Romania – manager Ovidiu Răducan (o bursa).

Selecția studenților se va desfășura in doua etape:

-         -  prima etapa – la nivelul FEAA – selecția pe baza CV-ului si a unei scrisori de intenție;

-          - etapa a doua – interviu cu managerii Ford Romania.

Pentru înscrierea in competiție, studenții vor depune la secretariatul FEAA un dosar ce va cuprinde:

-          - CV-ul format Europass - in limba romana si in limba engleza (cu referiri la rezultatele școlare, voluntariat si activităţi extra-curriculare in domeniul proiectului, la nivelul de cunoaștere a limbii engleza si cu menționarea expresa a proiectului pentru care se depune aplicația);

-         - o scrisoare de intenție - in limba romana si in limba engleza (structurata in conformitate cu cerințele din descrierea proiectului pentru care se depune aplicația).

Perioada de depunere a dosarelor este – 17.11.2015 – 23.11.2015 – ora 12.00.

Descrierea proiectelor:  


Function Name: Human Resources Supervisor Name: Marina Babara
Department Name: Human Resources Supervisor CDSID: mbabara
Assignment Location: Craiova Supervisor Position#: Manager HR
Project Description

The student will be part of a cross functional project designed to support the collection of data about the Company’s history and its products.

The aim of the project ‘Produce a book  for employees charting the history of the Plant’ is to create a book that presents the whole history of the plant since 1976 until now and its products all over the years, as well as its importance in the region and its impact on the local community.

Measurable Objectives
  • The new reporting tool has to provide information related to the Company’s history since 1976 and its products until the present times, as well as a complete overview of its products.
  • The tool also needs to highlight gaps identified when collecting data.
  • Reporting tool needs to include pictures to provide meaningful information and to be structured in such manner to be easily understood.
Expected Major Contributions
  • The student will work together with the Human Resources manager to identify potential data gaps and find solutions to collect all data required to prepare the book illustrating the Company’s history.
Expected Benefits to Intern
  • Get knowledge of the whole Company’s history, in terms of development and products.
  • Exposure to a wide variety of business related activities.
  • Be a part of a dynamic team and of cross functional project.
Intern Qualifications (schooling, work experience, major)
  • Must be studying for Economics or Business related degree.
  • Have a high level of English and computer skills including knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word and PowerPoint).


Function Name: Material Planning & Logistics Supervisor Name: Ovidiu Raducan  
Department Name: Material Planning & Logistics Supervisor CDSID: oraducan  
Assignment Location: Craiova Supervisor Position: Manager MP&L  
Project Description

To be part of the Material Planning and Logistics team and participate in the development and implementation

of JIT (Just-In-Time) relationship with nearby suppliers located in Bals and Pitesti

Measurable Objectives
  • Work with the Material Handling team to identify process opportunities and roadblocks
  • Identify the gaps between actual logistic system and JIT
  • Map logistic flow roadblocks on actual logistic process flow
  • Work with the team to implement process improvements
  • Develop measurable and metrics for specific process improvements
Expected Major Contributions
  • Contribute to optimize delivery process and continuity of supply to the production line
  • Reduce logistic operating cost and inventory
  • Maximizes dock, equipment and employee utilization
  • Increased emphasis on customer-supplier-carrier relationships
  • Real time performance reports
  • At the end of program the intern will be able to deliver a presentation of his/her project
Expected Benefits to Intern
  • Cross functional exposure to a wide variety of manufacturing and business related activities
  • Experience in implementing change and persuading key stakeholders to accept and implement proposed improvements
Intern Qualifications (schooling, work experience, major)
  • Must be studying for Economics or Business related degree
  • Have a high level of English and computer skills including knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word and PowerPoint)
  • Previous experience or courses about Logistics is a plus

Mult succes!

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